2019-07-20: Southside Café will release the song Life on Mars on

23 August, 2019. It is a song about man's constant desire to develop. We have learned to fly, and even walked on the surface of moon. Where do we go from here?

2019-04-09: The album Ghosts is now released. Listen to it on iTunes, Spotify etc. Curious about the stories behind the songs? Follow our blog and find out!      

 2019-03-01: The Fair and Captain of the Mental Institution are new singles from Southside Café. This time we have returned to our roots and found inspiration in the psychedelic glamrock scene of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Maybe you’ll hear our love for Queen, Electric Light Orchestra and - of course - The Beatles? The music is heavier and and lyrics are darker than ever before - and thus a reflection of the album that we will release April 12, 2019.