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Southside Café is a band from the southern part of Sweden.

Anders Ljung is the vocalist of Southside Café. He’s been a singer all his life: in bands, bars, churches and on the street. A man with a big heart, devoted to help others. Southside Café is the place he goes to, when he’s not out there, saving the world.


Johan R Norberg is a songwriter, guitar player and producer who gave up music for an academic career. But melodies kept on coming. Southside Café became a way to turn these melodies into songs – and to keep in contact with the musician he once was.

2018 11 11  - 095 Per Ottosson
2018 11 11  - 093 Per Ottosson
2018 11 11  - 021 Per Ottosson
2018 11 11  - 089 Per Ottosson
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