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In the era of Spotify

In the era of Spotify and global music streaming, artists get constant information about the popularity of their songs. Sometimes this can be a fantastic experience. For instance, it is a great thing knowing that our song Revelation has been streamed almost 15.000 times in 37 countries all over the world, not least in South America. We followed in real time how the song spread from country to country during some exciting weeks this winter.

But the never-ending access to streaming information can also become problematic. It is so easy to get addicted to the rush knowing that people are listening to your music – and to get frustrated when people don´t. We have, however, realised that it can also be a good thing knowing that there are days when our music have very few listeners. Those days are reminders that we started Southside Café for the love of music. Those days are reminders that we would continue to play even if no one would ever listen.

By the way, have You heard our new single The Fair? It's a great song.

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