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What Do You See in the Shadows?

On Friday, October 9, we will release our song When we're too old to run. Today, however, we will publish the cover, based on an oil painting by the talented painter and photographer Claes Naucler. I saw the painting on social media and felt immediately that it captures the feeling we want to express in our new song. I don't like to reveal too much about the background of the song or the content of the lyrics. Often, music is best appreciated

when the listeners can make their own interpretations. I can however say that the song is melancholic and retrospective. If life ultimately is a long series of events, actions and sliding doors, then we all sometimes must stop and reflect on paths we never took, and the doors we remained closed. This is what I see in Naucler's painting. To me, the shadows that appear in the drawing represent the people we never became.

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