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The Pain of Making Music

Some people may think that writing music is an enjoyable experience. That's not entirely true. Rather, making music is an itch. When I'm in writing-mood (that is, always), I have constantly melodies in my head that demands my attention. I have phrases of words that needs to be refined and developed. In addition, I have this constant worry that our music, lyrics or productions are not good enough. In the final stage of a production, I fall asleep with the song ringing in my head - and the damned thing continues to play as soon as I wake up. Outwardly, I may seem as normal person - but part of my consciousness is always somewhere else. It's a pain rather than a pleasure – but absolutely vital for me. I never want to live without the feverish anxiety that comes from writing music.

Southside Café will release our next song, When we’re too old to run, on October 9. It's about time. The song began to take shape in the summer of 2019. We recorded most of it at the end of last year, but the production and mixing continued well into this summer. We are so excited to play it for you – but also eager to get the song out of our heads. We have so many new melodies and ideas that require our attention…

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