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My naked truth

Listening to music is a subjective experience. My impressions and feelings from a certain song may differ greatly from other people’s reactions. My interpretation of a text may be different from yours. Explanations why song was written can therefore appear to be an unnecessary task. Isn’t better to leave it to the listeners to make their own interpretations? With that reservation in mind, I still want to make a comment about our latest release, the song Beacon of Light. Anders and I always try to write songs about things that are important to us. However, few texts are as personal as Beacon of Light. This is my naked truth about the song.

For me, Beacon of Light is a song about my relationship with my wife and life partner, Kiri. But it is no ordinary love song. Rather, Beacon of Light is about love when you least deserve it. It is about the realization that there are people in this world who knows you far better than you know yourself – and that someone will be there to guide your way when your mind is lost. Or to quote the lyrics:

“When I can't find the way, to keep my demons at bay. No one can save me but You”.

It may not be the happiest of lyrics, but I'm damned grateful to have her in my life.

You will find the lyrics to Beacon of Light and to other songs at our website (www.southsidecafé.se). Or just close your eyes and enjoy the song. Stay safe and healthy, and remember that we will return with a third release already next Friday.

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