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When we released the song The Fair some week ago, we initiated a discussion about musical influences. We mentioned the classic James Bond-theme, others heard references to bands such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. We are - of course - flattered but want to shed some light on the true background of The Fair.

It all started with the oriental-sounding guitar riff. We played it for months not knowing what to do with it. And if something inspired us at that stage, it was an old Rainbow song called Gates a Babylon. It such a great song - and fantastic guitar work played by the one and only Ritchie Blackmore.

And the chorus? Well, the inspiration wasn't James Bond at all. I have loved that chromatic chord sequence since childhood. I first heard it in the song Blackberry Way by The Move (yes, Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood). You will also find a similar sequence in the Beatles tune Hey Bulldog (all roads always lead back to The Beatles). The sequence is part of my DNA and the first thing I play whenever I pick up a guitar. I guess you will find it in many more songs by Southside Café...

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