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What? Me? A Gary Moore-wannabe?

One of the last songs that we recorded for the ”Ghosts”-album is entitled “Tonight, We Dance”. The song is all about atmosphere. We wanted to create something that was different from the other songs: heavy but not plain hard rock, eerie but also beautiful; the kind of song you would like to hear on the radio on a long car drive through a dark autumn night. It was never intended to be a single, but the song has received a lot of praise by friends and critiques.

The song was written quickly. I made a rough demo of the music on my laptop. The lyrics and most of Anders vocals were recorded on a single evening session. The guitar-solo, however, was a different story. Nowadays, I am old and wise enough to avoid temptations to fill our songs with long, fast and complicated guitar-solos. My days as a Gary Moore-wannabe are over. But we all fall off the wagon sometimes, and when I started working on the solo, one thing led to another and I just couldn’t stop. It took an afternoon to get all the notes in place (my fingers still hurt), but I think it was worth the effort. The solo became a nice piece of music and an integrated part of the song. And after all – a guitar solo now and then doesn’t hurt, does it?

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