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Who is Your Favorite Rock’n Roll Star?

Southside Café will release the song Rock’n Roll Star this Friday, the 10th of April. The song is a celebration to all the epic rock artists of the 70s. It’s a bad excuse for playing guitar too loud and way too much. And the lyrics tries to evoke the memory of being a small kid looking at album sleeves, knowing that you one day will be the next Ziggy Stardust. Or Ace Frehley. Or Dave Hill (Remember him? Lead guitarist in Slade with a weird haircut!).

And with the ambition to get you all in the right mood, Anders and I have decided to publish another playlist on Spotify. This one is entitled Rock’n Roll Stars – the Origins. The playlist contains artists and songs that we loved as kids. A playlist like this one can never be complete or completed, but it might give you a hint of the classic (glam) rock tunes that made us play air guitar in our boys rooms. Maybe some of your favorite rock stars are included? Click on the link below and enjoy!

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